Aesthetician Services

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Aesthetician Services

At Park City Dermatology we offer expert cosmetic treatments performed by the physician or highly supervised aestheticians.  We caution against consumers seeking cosmetic skin treatments from spas, aestheticians, R.N.’s, physician assistants, nurse practitioners that are not supervised by a core cosmetic physician (Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.), even in the state of Utah where this may be legal. Unfortunately, in some states in the United States, politics may override safety when it comes to aesthetic skin treatments.  Laser, IPL, fillers, Botox, injection treatments are wonderful when done by skilled, experienced providers, with proper training in skin disease and aesthetic medicine but when in the wrong hands cosmetic skin treatments can be hazardous or at the least give less than ideal results.  Dermatologists and their staff at Park City Dermatology have the expertise and training to recognize if your skin and body are appropriate and healthy for a cosmetic treatment.  We can assure that the skin problem you are seeking to improve is not a pre-cancer or skin cancer before you undergo treatment.  For a personalized cosmetic consultation, call 435-658-1013.


Medical Grade Chemical Peels

A chemical solution is applied to the skin (face, neck, or hands) causing it to exfoliate. Not everyone is a candidate for a chemical peel. Consult with your physician or your aesthetician about your goals from a peel, and what to expect before and after. Once you have determined if this is the right treatment for you, your aesthetician will pick from a variety of products to make the most effective peel for you. A series of treatments is recommended for optimal results. starts at $150


Express Facial
Perfect for the person on the go! It is the same treatment as the acne surgery. This is a great option if insurance does not cover it. $150

Acne Surgery

A specialized procedure prescribed by your physician for patients with mild to moderate Acne Vulgaris. This treatment consists of antibacterial cleansing and exfoliation. Focuses on the extraction of blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, cysts, and milia. Covered by most insurance plans.